Artist's Statement:

in 2009 I studied the fused glass technique and instantly fell in love with it.  It has been my passion even since.

All of my pieces are made using 96 coe glass, manufactured in the US.  I purchase the glass in sheet form, in up to 2' x 4' pieces.  I then cut to the glass into different shapes and frit, and in some cases, powder it, to make the designs.  This is then assembled onto a clear or colored base which is then fused in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1350-1500 degrees. The glass then becomes "fused" and depending on the desired affect, retains most or no texture.   These pieces are then put back into the kiln and formed using molds, fiber paper, fiber board and fiber rope.  Each Piece's form is determined by size, weight, thickness, color of glass, time and temperature.  Finally a hole is drilled, allowing the glass to find it's home on a fixture of your choice.  

A single shade typically takes 2 days to manufacture.  The inspiration, however, can take moments or months.