Double Capri

Mostly clear frit with very tiny  pieces of 1 color added for just a slight tint of color

RIBBONS  2 colors of frit, medium texture with 1" white ribbon around edges, on a clear base  7"  tall

CHUNKY SIGNATURE with black cap  7" tall

Chunky Signature with additional clear on lower section.  Best if more light is  needed in a bathroom 

SIGNATURE medium texture over clear with matching cap 7" tall

TALL LACY  2olors of frit over clear, Fused Smooth, Textured lace edges added.   9" tall

LACY   2 colors of frit fused smooth, very textured clear lace added to edges.   7" tall

LUCENT - swirl color over clear, very crisp edges  7" tall

Double Snowy

Double Galaxy

Sets of matching shades available for bathroom fixtures, chandeliers and multi pendants

Pick a shade style here or I can make a custom designed shade for you.  

CHUNKY SIGNATURE  with matching cap, very textured. 7" tall

Double Ribbons

Capri   1 swirl color over clear 

7"  tall  

Double Screen melt shades 

Double Textured

GALAXY   Swirl color

over white 7" tall

Double with two tones of frit 

Frit textured  with clear edges.  

Double frit with strips 

SNOWY  1 color frit plus white frit over a clear base.  Tall Mold  9" tall

CASTLE  any color with Black and white spirit design on the top.   7"  tall, .

Double Spirit